Quest Books For Children

Sarasota Sister Cities can help develop blogs with embedded books, podcasts and short videos written for children and their parents. They would have the following purposes:

    1. Be Entertaining
    2. Teach “Green” Sustainability

    3. Promote Sustainable Tourism

The Blogs would have links to an EBook, Podcast, and Videos. They are all free. They would be set at a tourist destination where the child can complete the quest. We would explain how the parent can download the book and insert their children's photos into the book. If they wish they can print the book for their children and relatives - before or after they visit. And they could read the book or watch the video as they visit the quest location.

Proposal to the Ringling Museum

There is minimal cost for this effort - simply volunteer labor. The program may well qualify for a grant - a joint application from Sarasota Sister Cities, The Ringling Museum, and the Ringling College to Visit Sarasota would have an excellent chance. The books could be printed and sold in the gift shop. Possible settings for the books include the Ringling Museum Campus, Ringling College, downtown Sarasota, and Sarasota beaches and parks.

We propose that the Ringling Museum support this effort. Sister City Economic Development personnel would help develop the material. If the Ringling agrees, we would approach Ringling College to see if their student or classes would support the effort as individuals or as a class. A grant could be possible from Visit Sarasota since this effort fits their programs. Ringling College students could be the creators of all parts of the program, including videos and animation.

This effort would be at no cost to the Ringling Museum.  Saraota Sister Cities would lead the effort.

    Craig Hullinger Vice President 
    Sustainable Economic Development
    941 312 1032

Draft Example of Blogs / Books
Improved graphics and editing needed

Prototype - Quest To Save Castle Ca' d'Zan

    Book Google Doc  (Download and insert your child's photos!)

    Book PDF

    Book EPub
    Podcast (Needs Work)

    Youtube - To Be Constructed

    Animation - To Be Constructed


The links below are background and possible future efforts

Plan For The Blogs and Books

Possible Characters

Quest / Treasure Hunt on the Ringling Campus

Potential Future Blogs / Books
Coordinated with a marketing effort by the organization.


    Quest at Sarasota Jungle Gardens
    Quest at Ringling College Campus
    Quest at Selby Gardens
    Quest at Mote Marine
    Quest at the Bay Sarasota

    Quest at St Armands
    Quest at Downtown Sarasota

    Quest at Main Street in Lakewood Ranch
    Quest at Downtown Bradenton

    Quest at Jungle Gardens
    Quest at Downtown Venice
    Quest at Big Cat Habitat

About Sarasota Sister Cities

Background Info

Library Ringling College

The Alfred R. Goldstein Library is an informational, educational, and social hub for RCAD’s students and faculty.  Designed specifically for its creative students, the library’s collection includes children’s literature, game arts, graphic novels, letterpress, book arts, pop up books, special collections, reference, and online resources.The 46,000-square-foot library houses over 75,000 books and periodicals.

The library hosts an independent art publishing book fair called Paper Jam. Organized jointly with Letterpress and Book Arts Center and the Brizdle-Schoenberg Special Collections Center and in collaboration with SRQ Zine Fest, the annual event features a wide array of creative books and experimental printed items that highlight local and diverse perspectives.[11]

Free Clip Art

Ringling Museum of Art - The authors below wrote the very nice book Circus ABC Book sold at the Ringling Gift Shop and Amazon, published by

Jennifer Lemmer Posey is Curator of Circus at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. Dr David Berry is Assistant Director of Academic Affairs at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

Craig Hullinger

Quest Books For Children

Sarasota Sister Cities can help develop blogs with embedded books, podcasts and short videos written for children and their parents. They wo...